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Serpent Mound in the USA – Summer Solstice

Observe the Summer Solstice at the ancient site of Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA

Serpent Mound

Serpent Mound viewed from the air. Photo by Timothy A. Price and Nichole I. Stump – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 Image has been modified.

What: Summer Solstice sunset observance at the Serpent Mound

Where: Serpent Mound World Heritage Site Ohio, USA

When: Summer Solstice Sunset

Who: Organized by the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System

Alignments and Site Information:

Serpent Mound is a National Historic Landmark and World Heritage Site, built by ancient cultures as a sacred ceremonial area. It is the largest prehistoric effigy mound remaining in existence, being three-foot-high and 1,348-foot (411 m) long.

It’s not certain who built the Serpent Mound, but is thought to be more than 2,000 years old. It has numerous solar alignments.

About the Event: Observe the summer solstice sunset at the head of the Serpent Mound. There is also a three day summer solstice festival held by the Friends of Serpent Mound at the Soaring Eagle Retreat adjacent to Serpent Mound, just prior to the actual summer solstice.

Here’s a video from the 2013 summer solstice at the Serpent Mound site:

Additional Note: The Friends of Serpent Mound Summer Solstice Celebration appears to be free, however an $8 vehicle/parking fee applies at the Serpent Mound.

A Note About Visiting Ancient Sites:
Please be mindful and respectful of the ancient sites.  Treat them with care as to not disturb them, damage them or remove anything from them. Help protect these incredible sites so that they can continue to stand the test of time.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their websites (Serpent Mound and Friends of Serpent Mound solstice festival) if you would like more details.

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Jon Alswinn


  • Thanks for the additional information Lucia, I find that it’s really important to collect the magical wonders of our world.

    Thanks Jon for this gem.

  • I just came across an info that in 2003, a crop circle appeared in the soybean field near the Serpent Mound, and interestingly, the same image also appeared on the sky a night before, drawn by the bright lights in the night sky.

    The Ohio county seemed to have a lot of UFO sightings and crop circles in that year (the crop circle near the Serpent Mound is talked about at 3:27 of the video).

    • Amazing Lucia, thank you for sharing. It is certainly no wonder that extraterrestrial beings find an interest around the sacred grounds of ancient sites, similar to the way crop circles pop up around the ley lines and ancient sites in Britain. The purpose and construction of these ancient sites must have had an effect on the entire cosmos and continue to attract an extraordinary feeling of mystery and awe. Events like this will hopefully grab more public attention to the greater reality of things and help us not forget how profoundly connected people once were to a much wider and universal spirituality.

    • Thanks Lucia.

      There’s a definite connection between UFO’s and sacred sites/areas. Makes you wonder what does that indiciate? or what are they trying to say with that? I mean they could go everywhere, and they do, but there seems to be an importance put on Earth’s ancient sacred sites.

      Are they perhaps gently pointing out to the people of Earth to pay more attention to their spiritual pursuits and indicating that that’s where the real importance lies? That the way to make contact with them, to bridge it, is done through people increasing their connection to their own spiritual nature. Something that played a more prominent part in the lives of those ancient people who made these sites?

      Anyway, it’s a very magical thing all the same 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this Andrew, those 2 pictures with the lights lit all around the mound look spectacular! I can imagine such a decoration would add to the mystical feel of the place.

  • Hi Guys, The Friends of Serpent Mound also conduct a winter solstice celebration called ‘Lighting the Serpent’ where thousands of luminary candles are lit to outline the 1300′ of the mound. I was there to participate this past winter solstice and while the ceremony was quite ‘loose’ and family friendly, it did allow those who were interested lots of quiet time to sit and feel the energy of the site in a mystical ambiance. I also spoke with many of the ‘Friends’ of the mound who are experienced archeologists in that area and was able to learn a lot about the site and even un-released findings about the site which are still being prepared. Here’s a link to the event info for the Winter Solstice event. and here are 2 photo’s from a pro photographer from this past Winter Solstice –!/portfolio/G0000jGIZgO4Oim8

    The site is comprehensive solor/lunar calendar. Within it’s body there are alignments to both Solstices, the Equinoxes, the lunar southern and northern risings and perhaps a few major stars (can’t remember). It’s definitely a masterpiece of an earthwork meant to connect heaven and earth.

    • Thanks for the extra info, Andrew. A more in-depth article on this site would be great in the future, so this will come in handy.

  • Very mysterious site. Pity that its spiritual significance is not more known though, and the celebrations more tuned into its mystical purpose. But at least people are recognising the site and its solstice alignment as something special and try to carry out the festival in nice, “family-friendly” ways :-).

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